SL-4050 Datasheet
SL-4050 Watt Expected Lifespan
LED Lifespan60,000+ Hours (6+ years)*

LED Expected Output after

50,000 Hours

> 90%

SL-4050 Watt Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption50 W*


85-277 V
Lumens10,000 LM*
Color Temperature6,000 K Cool White
Ambient Temperature-10 °F  ~​  120 °F (-23 °C  ~ 48 °C)
Power Efficiency> 0.8
HousingSteel, powder coating
SL-4050 Dimensions
SL-4050 Current Draw

The Lyra Lights LED fixture is an industrial-grade light output device which immediately illuminates any work space with constant bright light. The clarity of light is far superior to tube lights in both strength and consistency. The Lyra Lights LED fixture offers exceptional performance at a much higher efficiency.

SL-4050 Brightness vs Distance

LED Shop Lights, SL-4050 Watt, Up to 10,000 Lumens

Finish:  All metal parts are powder coated with special epoxy durable paint to provide protection from oxidation and normal wear and tear.

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Features & Benefits:  Energy efficient.  Uniform coherent lighting.  5x as bright as traditional fluorescent lights. No harmful metals like those found in fluorescent bulbs, such as Mercury (Hg) gas. No occupational hazards in the form of broken bulbs. Easy to install; low maintenance and long life.

SL-4050 Power Consumption

Office LED Lights 50 Watt, 2'x2'

Office LED Lights 50 Watt, 4'x1'

Office LED Lights 50 Watt, 4'x2'

Office LED Lights 100 Watt, 2'x2'

Office LED Lights 100 Watt, 4'x1'

Office LED Lights 100 Watt, 4'x2'

​Office LED Lights 150 Watt, 2'x2'

Office LED Lights 150 Watt, 4'x1'

Office LED Lights 150 Watt, 4'x2'​

SL-4050 vs 40W Fluorescent Equivalent

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Performance:​​  The Lyra Lights LED light fixture performance was tested over a time period of 24 hours, with data being recorded at 1-hour increments. The ambient room temperature was 80⁰F with an average deviation of ±1⁰F. Brightness, power consumption, and operating temperature are all shown below and compared to a traditional fluorescent T12 light fixture of equivalent size.

General Comparison Specifications
SL-405050 W85-277V10,000 LM*6,000 K
Tube Light80 W120 V4,000 LM*

5,000 K

SL-4050 Watt Mechanical Specifications
L x W x H48.0" x 6.0" x 4.0"



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LED SL-4050 watt, 10,000 Lumens

SL-4050 Watt, Up to 10,000 Lumens

Shop Lights LED 50 Watt Datasheet

$158.52 USD, FOB, 90250, California + $10.00 Handling + $12.68 Taxes (8%) + $1.66 Insurance = $182.87

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​Includes: LED Shop Light (Qty. 1)  & Installation Guide (Qty. 1)

Construction: Lyra Lights SL Series’ simple yet sturdy steel construction allows them to fit multiple environments with ease and be used for numerous applications.

* Up To

INDEMNIFICATION:   Installation of these unit(s), is the sole responsibility of End User.   Eduardo Ramirez, Eduardo Ramirez Agents, Eduardo Ramirez Distributors, or Lyra Lights, LLC are not responsible for, but not limited to: any damage or loss of any kind, to other part(s) or person(s) or property(ies), injury, loss of limb, death, and or money as a result of using any part or whole of product(s) or as a result of defective product(s) provided by Lyra Lights, LLC. This product may contain and output Ultraviolet (UV) Light. Protective eye wear and proper skin cover-up is recommended at all times.

Warranty: If any damages occur such as but not limited to during installation, Lyra Lights is not liable and will not exchange any units, but Lyra Lights, will assess the damages and provide fair pricing to repair the unit. Furthermore, all product is subject to Lyra Lights limited warranty policy.

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SL-4050-LED High Intensity Shop Light

Electronics: All LED and power supplies are designed and assembled in the United States and tested thoroughly to ensure excellent performance and quality.

SL-4050 Temperature Rating


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Shop lights LED SL-4050 watt solution