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Recruiters and Sourcers

I use Reflik for earning more in placement fees and growing my recruiting business.  It pays you when you fill a role for one of their clients. 

Use my link to join for free.

Reflik connects you to the best companies in America such as Interactive Brokers, General Dynamics, GlaxoSmithKline, Canon, CarMax, and more. Build a recruitment business of your own. Make more money with Reflik. Recruiters earn on average $10,000 per successful hire.  

Be your own boss. Work the jobs you want to work on, when you want to work on them.  Since Reflik brings clients and jobs to you, you no longer need to hunt for new clients or endure the hassle of being an approved vendor.

​​Contract Opportunities 

178R  - Recruiter I  - Seattle  - WA
179R - Recruiter II - Mountain View - CA
179R - Recruiter II - Austin  - TX
177R  - Sourcer I  - Austin  - TX 

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