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The spectrum displayed above shows two distinct peaks at around 450 nm and 630 nm. These are two wavelengths that are ideal for promoting plant growth. Many LED grow light manufacturers only include these two wavelengths in their lighting solutions, which results in an unsightly deep purple output. The Lyra Lights GL Series also includes two variations of white light, as to properly simulate natural sunlight. This allows people to easily incorporate full-spectrum lighting virtually anywhere in their home without having to tolerate unnatural lighting. Furthermore, our grow lights have the capability to switch between vegetation and blooming light profiles.

Increased Brightness

Lyra Lights provide an unparalleled brightness compared to conventional LED and non-LED lighting. Our lighting solutions come in a vast range of luminosity that are tailored to your needs.           

The Lyra Light LED Grow Light is a high intensity LED fixture that provides a bright full-spectrum lighting. The fixture features an array of natural colors that are selected to optimize growth for plants, making the GL Series ideal for consumer applications in horticulture and indoor gardening. Using the GL Series will improve plant growth considerably at a lower cost to you.


Energy efficient, Uniform full-spectrum lighting.  Produces strong natural light that is pleasant to see with the naked eye. Switch between Vegetation or Bloom lighting profiles.  No harmful metals like those found in fluorescent bulbs, such as Mercury (Hg) gas.  No occupational hazards in the form of broken bulbs. Easy to install; low maintenance & long life.  


Lyra Lights GL Series’ simple yet sturdy metal construction allows them to fit multiple environments with ease and be used for numerous grow applications.


All metal parts are powder coated with special epoxy durable paint to provide protection from oxidation and normal wear and tear.


All LED boards and power supplies are designed and assembled in the United States and tested thoroughly to ensure excellent performance and quality.


​​Our LED Grow Lights boast exceptional performance at a lower cost to the consumer. All our light fixtures are tested against strict functionality and performance standards. Our LED Grow Lights are measured for PAR, “Photosynthetically Active Radiation”, as well as luminosity. Specifically for horticulture and grow applications, a PAR measurement is more useful than luminosity since a PAR unit measures the number of photons in the spectral range (400nm to 700nm) that fall on the plant per each second over one square meter of area.

Buscamos desarrolladores de negocio independientes para la línea de productos de iluminación en los Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica.  Deseamos representantes de fabricante como contratistas bajo excelente fórmula de comisión.

El candidato deseado tendrá:

  • Relaciones comerciales con proveedores productos de iluminación. 
  • Conocimiento de productos de iluminación o deseo de aprender.
  • ​Evidencia de amplia habilidad de encontrar prospectos.
  • Actitud positiva sobre servicio al cliente.
  • Excelentes habilidades interpersonales y de negociación. 
  • Dominio del inglés y español, o portugues.
  • Espacio y equipos de oficina residencial.
  • ​Habilidad de viajar a las instalaciones del cliente por su propia cuenta.


  • Maneje su propio tiempo.
  • Trabaje cuando y cuanto quiera. 
  • Gane el dinero que se merece. 
  • Protección de cuenta.
  • Territorio sin fronteras. 

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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More Light, Less Power, and Less Heat

independent sales representatives wanted!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Lyra Lights have been engineered with reduced energy consumption in mind. Our lighting solutions have been specifically designed to increase the power factor of power supply circuitry.           

Independent Sales Representative or Manufacturer's 

Representative wanted in the USA and Latin America as independent contractor paid by excellent commission structure to represent lighting products line.  

Successful candidate will have:

  • Wholesale lighting suppliers relationships.
  • Illumination product knowledge or desire to learn.
  • ​Track record of strong prospecting, networking skills .
  • Strong customer service attitude. 
  • Strong communications and negotiations skills.
  • Bilingual skills. Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Functioning home office set-up.
  • ​Willingness to travel to customer site as needed on your own expense. 


  • Manage your own time. 
  • Work whenever and as much as you like. 
  • Make the money you deserve.
  • Account protection.
  • Unrestricted geographic sales territory. 

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desarrolladores de negocio iNDEPENDientes

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Office Lights 50 Watts, 4'x2'

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Office Lights 100 Watts, 4'x2'

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Office Lights 150 Watts, 4'x1'

Office Lights 150 Watts, 4'x2'​

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Reduced Heat

Lyra Lights run very cool compared to conventional LED and non-LED lighting. Our lighting solutions have been designed to dissipate heat more effectively and naturally without reducing any brightness.     

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