​After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Don went out into the world to make his fortune in the movies. After a couple of training films and a recording with a small record label, he left the entertainment industry to manage several small to medium sized businesses and then became a business owner himself. Don succeeded in starting 2 businesses, both of which grew to the multi-million dollar levels, then sold them, while earning the distinction of being one of "The Top Ten Fastest Growing Retailers" for the Fort Worth Area. 

After getting married and moving to Minnesota where his wife grew up, he worked in sales and led his companies sales both in the district and the country. Then , while managing departments or regions with several firms he found the  mortgage industry and developed a passion for it.

After spending a few years in the mortgage field as a General Manager and then as a Vice-President, he decided to better serve his customers and the industry by going out on his own and founded his own company that has grown and now does residential, commercial and international lending.

Don also coaches baseball, loves to golf, travel and riding bike with the family.

Donald Kiel, President

Premier Choice Funding Corporation, NMLS 1124479

8100 Penn Avenue South, Suite 154

Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: 952-224-1600
Fax: 952-224-1601

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