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Accounting, administration, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, banking, construction, customer service, drafting, engineering, environmental science, healthcare, human resources, information technology (IT), insurance, management, manufacturing, marketing, medical, product management, purchasing, sales & marketing, supply chain, technician, transportation, etc.

Are you hiring? Talented, educated, experienced, motivated people from the USA and Latin America contact me about career opportunities in the USA and Latin America. Let me help you connect with the right resources.

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Did you ever sell lemonade in your neighborhood with your friends and had a TON of fun doing it? Are you still having fun?

I'm looking for experienced sales people, business developers, digital marketers, social media experts, and recruiters who have sold, marketed, or promoted cable TV, VoIP home phone, wireless phone and internet connection services.  The successful person works through social relationships of users under a scheme in which they can start their independent business and become official distributors (Brand Leaders).

The platform allows you to do business in 26 countries.  I'm looking for Brand leaders in the USA and Colombia.

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