Business Consultant, Recruiter, Project Manager, Musician 


My mission is to help businesses acquire customers, talent, and cash, and to improve processes.  To this end, I promote career opportunities and business tools: Digital Marketing, Point of Sale (POS) systems, invoice factoring, securedunsecured business loans and eCommerce.

I've spent most of my life working in contact center environments, first as an outbound collections call agent and ultimately managing technology resources accountable for designing, building and maintaining large contact centers for AT&T Mobile in the USA and Colombia.  My collection years are the foundation of my  understanding of human behavior and risky business practices.  Thanks to this experience I gained valuable communications and negotiations skills valuable in sales, real estate, finance, and project management

In my spare time I play classic Latin Rock, Blues and Salsa.  I play a modified Fender Telecaster, 1986 Paul Reed Smith, and 1978 Gold top Les Paul Pro through a vintage design Fender Vibrolux Reverb.  My experience in playing in San Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA and Minneapolis, MN qualifies me to recognize value an excellent craftsmanship in San Graal Guitars.  

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