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​​Job Ref. - Location - Job Title - Industry
4267 Alabama Chief Quality Control – Federal Construction  Construction
4157 Arizona  Sales Manager - Hydronic  Sales and Marketing
5101 California  CAD Technician – Architectural Glazing  Designer / Drafter
3379 California  Civil Site Design Engineer - Land Development  Construction
3978 California  CNC Machinist  Manufacturing
5161 California  Director of Construction Operations  Construction
4328 California  Drywall Project Manager  Construction
3994 California  Electrical Estimator  Construction
4208 California  Estimator / Chief Estimator  Construction
4259 California  Industrial Electrician  Manufacturing
4081 California  Office Surveyor  Construction
4236 California  Oracle Cloud Technical Architect  I.T.
4115 California  Oracle HCM Functional Consultant  I.T.
5151 California  Project Manager - Construction  Construction
4260 California  Project Manager – Custom Home and Remodel  Construction
3730 California  Project Manager - Glass Industry  Construction
3730 California  Project Manager - Glass Industry  Construction
4291 California  Project Manager – Oracle Cloud Solutions  I.T.
5164 California  Project Manager  Construction
5163 California  Purchasing Agent  Construction
2766 California  Senior Civil Engineer - Drainage  Construction
5138 Canada  Inside Sales  Sales and Marketing
5137 Canada  Outside Sales  Sales and Marketing
3668 Colorado  Electronic Security Systems Technician  Construction
5094 Colorado  Project Accountant -  Accounting
5159 Colorado  Retail Merchandiser  Supply Chain
5013 Colorado  Salesperson – Multi Family Housing  Sales and Marketing
5148 Colorado  Survey Crew Chief  Construction
5044 Connecticut  Folder Gluer Operator  Manufacturing
4262 Connecticut  Project Manager - Architect – Healthcare  Construction
4016 Connecticut  Sales Specialist - Appliances  Sales and Marketing
3838 Connecticut  Senior Implementation Engineer  I.T.
4195 Connecticut  Software Architect  I.T.
3688 Florida  Alarm Sales Specialist  Construction
3684 Florida  Alarm Sales Specialist  Construction
3887 Florida  Commercial Fire Sprinkler Service or Alarm Service Designer  Construction
4281 Florida  Dentist  Healthcare
3685 Florida  Foreman - Alarm Systems  Construction
3683 Florida  Foreman - Alarm Systems  Construction
3677 Florida  Inspector - Fire Sprinkler & Alarm System  Construction
5150 Florida  Inspector - Fire Sprinkler  Construction
2950 Florida  Physician - Family Practice  Healthcare
4217 Florida  Production Team Member - Powder Coatings  Manufacturing
4282 Florida  Psychiatrist  Healthcare
4136 Florida  Psychiatrist  Healthcare
5108 Florida  Service Technician – Food and Beverage Equipment  Manufacturing
5147 Florida  Service Technician  Technician
5162 Florida  Strategic Executive Administrator  Admin & Secretarial
5092 Georgia  Industrial Electronics Repair Technician  Manufacturing
4050 Georgia  Solution Architect Oracle Cloud Financials  I.T.
5074 Illinois  Extrusion New Tooling Process Engineer  Manufacturing
4233 Illinois  Oracle Cloud Finance Consultant  I.T.
5154 Illinois  Regional Operations Executive – Hospital  Healthcare
4185 Illinois  Technical Account Executive - Tool Steel  Manufacturing
4306 Indiana  Estimator – Plate Metal Fabrication  Manufacturing
4292 Indiana  Road Design Project Manager  Construction
5135 Iowa  CNC Programmer  Manufacturing
3966 Iowa  Equipment Foreman  Construction
3886 Iowa  Machinist - Mold Making  Manufacturing
5140 Kansas  Design Engineer  Manufacturing
4121 Kansas  Lead Technician  Manufacturing
5160 Kansas  Physician – Emergency Department  Healthcare
5144 Kentucky  Certified Coding Specialist  Healthcare
5106 Kentucky  Coding Manager  Healthcare
4314 Kentucky  Construction Equipment Operator – Drill Head Locating  Construction
5142 Kentucky  EDI Administrator / Application Developer  I.T.
4153 Kentucky  Maintenance Technician  Manufacturing
5079 Kentucky  Operations Executive – Hospital Revenue Cycle  Healthcare
3342 Kentucky  Physician  Healthcare
4094 Kentucky  Product Development Engineer  Manufacturing
4037 Kentucky  Quality Control Engineer - Steel  Manufacturing
5103 Kentucky  Sales Representative  Sales and Marketing
4173 Kentucky  Senior Application Development  I.T.
5143 Kentucky  Senior Data Scientist  Healthcare
4329 Kentucky  Stamping Die Engineer  Manufacturing
3954 Maine  Civil Estimator - Heavy Construction  Construction
4041 Maine  Hospital Director  Healthcare
3956 Maine  Mechanical Estimator - Building Construction  Construction
2617 Maine  Physician  Healthcare
4010 Maine  Physician  Healthcare
3787 Maine  Route Driver - Class A or B  Supply Chain
3443 Maryland  CRNA  Healthcare
3955 Maryland  Mechanical / Piping Estimator  Construction
3917 Maryland  Orthopedic Surgeon  Healthcare
5019 Maryland  Petroleum Construction Project Manager  Construction
3444 Maryland  Physician - Emergency Medicine  Healthcare
5120 Maryland  Project Engineer – Heavy Civil Construction  Construction
5021 Maryland  Project Manager – Bulk Fuel  Construction
5121 Maryland  Project Manager – Heavy Civil Construction  Construction
3575 Maryland  Psychiatrist  Healthcare
5083 Massachusetts  Customer Quality Engineer  Manufacturing
5125 Massachusetts  Director of Business Development and Client Services  Construction
4093 Massachusetts  Electrical Engineer  Construction
3778 Massachusetts  Electrician - Foreman  Construction
3779 Massachusetts  Electrician - Journeyman  Construction
5097 Massachusetts  Engine Test Technician  Manufacturing
4272 Massachusetts  Estimator – Construction  Construction
5124 Massachusetts  Handyman  Construction
3526 Massachusetts  HVAC Engineer  Engineering
4243 Massachusetts  HVAC Service Technician  Construction
4066 Massachusetts  HVAC Technician  Construction
5063 Massachusetts  Neurologist  Healthcare
5082 Massachusetts  Product Manager – Automotive Industry  Manufacturing
4273 Massachusetts  Project Manager – Construction  Construction
5145 Massachusetts  Security Technician  Construction
4288 Massachusetts  Sub Assembly Technician  Manufacturing
5146 Massachusetts  Telecommunications Technician  Construction
5110 Mexico  General Manager – Tool Steel Manufacturing  Manufacturing
5157 Michigan  Civil Engineer  Construction
5068 Michigan  Controls Engineer  Manufacturing
5067 Michigan  Electrical Engineer  Engineering
5072 Michigan  General Manager – Tool Steel Manufacturing  Manufacturing
5069 Michigan  Machine Builder  Manufacturing
2875 Michigan  Physician  Healthcare
4280 Michigan  Technical Manager – Civil Engineering  Engineering
5139 Minnesota  Branch Manager – Appliance Store  Sales and Marketing
5093 Minnesota  Buyer – Personal Care Products Manufacturing  Manufacturing
4252 Minnesota  Certified Welder  Manufacturing
5115 Minnesota  CFO  Manufacturing
5098 Minnesota  Civil Technician  Construction
5117 Minnesota  Clean Space Technician  Manufacturing
5034 Minnesota  Designer / Drafter  Designer / Drafter
5036 Minnesota  Estimator - Construction  Construction
5077 Minnesota  Lead Trailer Mechanic  Technician
4251 Minnesota  Machinist  Manufacturing
4250 Minnesota  Millwright  Manufacturing
5113 Minnesota  Program Manager – Manufacturing  Manufacturing
5116 Minnesota  Project Coordinator  Manufacturing
5118 Minnesota  Quality Technician  Manufacturing
5065 Minnesota  Roughneck / Laborer with CDL  Construction
3666 Minnesota  Senior Buyer - Manufacturing  Manufacturing
5114 Minnesota  Senior Design Engineer  Manufacturing
5112 Minnesota  Sourcing Specialist – Manufacturing  Manufacturing
5043 Minnesota  Well Driller  Construction
2560 Mississippi  Service Technician  Maintenance
5104 Missouri  Business Development Manager  Manufacturing
3062 Missouri  Construction Superintendent - Heavy Highway  Construction
3680 Missouri  Diesel Mechanic  Technician
5102 Missouri  Senior Refrigeration Project Manager  Construction
3979 Missouri  Senior Refrigeration Project Manager  Construction
4320 Missouri  Vice President of Safety – Industrial Construction  Construction
4021 Montana  Survey Crew Chief  Construction
3723 Nevada  Aggregates Plant Manager  Manufacturing
5075 New Hampshire  Business Development Director - Industrial Construction  Construction
5052 New Hampshire  CNC Machinist  Manufacturing
5064 New Hampshire  Finisher – Chemical Etching – 2nd Shift  Manufacturing
4143 New Hampshire  RN Manager  Healthcare
5066 New Hampshire  Senior Controls Engineer  Manufacturing
4284 New Jersey  Electrical Controls Engineer  Manufacturing
2479 New Jersey  Environmental Remediation Engineer  Environmental
4301 New Jersey  Field Salesperson - Industrial Sales  Sales and Marketing
3268 New Jersey  LSRP - Environmental Consulting  Environmental
5015 New Jersey  Project Architect / Sr. Project Architect  Construction
4276 New Jersey  Project Manager - Environmental  Environmental
5005 New Jersey  Proposal Writer - Environmental  Environmental
5088 New Jersey  Sales Engineer – Industrial Machinery  Manufacturing
3063 New Jersey  Service Technician Custom Machine  Manufacturing
4275 New Jersey  Sr. Field Technician - Environmental  Environmental
4271 New Mexico  Survey Crew Chief  Construction
3797 New York  Bridge Construction / Heavy Highway Superintendent  Construction
3915 New York  Dermatologist  Healthcare
5134 New York  Electrical Engineer  Construction
4302 New York  Field Salesperson - Industrial Sales  Sales and Marketing
3796 New York  Heavy Highway / Environmental Construction Superintendent  Construction
5111 New York  Inside Sales / Customer Service Rep  Sales and Marketing
4116 New York  Physician Assistant Dermatology  Healthcare
5062 New York  Plant Operator  Manufacturing
3840 New York  Project Manager - Heavy Highway Construction  Construction
5061 New York  Sales Rep – Packaging  Sales and Marketing
3842 New York  Salesperson  Sales and Marketing
4166 New York  Senior Estimator  Construction
3798 New York  Senior Project Manager / Estimator - Bridge Construction  Construction
3795 New York  Senior Project Manager / Estimator - Environmental  Construction
4326 New York  Service Manager - Heavy Equipment  Maintenance
3841 New York  Technical Account Manager  Sales and Marketing
3911 New York  Technical Support Specialist  I.T.
4002 North Carolina  Bridge and Grade Foreman  Construction
4108 North Carolina  Civil Engineer  Construction
4239 North Carolina  CNC Machinist  Manufacturing
5156 North Carolina  Crane Technician  Construction
4068 North Carolina  Electrician - Industrial  Manufacturing
3691 North Carolina  Foreman - Alarm Systems  Construction
3555 North Carolina  Heavy Equipment Technician  Manufacturing
3277 North Carolina  Manufacturing Process Technicians - Plastic Injection Molding  Manufacturing
5153 North Carolina  Small Engine Technician  Manufacturing
3823 North Carolina  Supervisor - Stream Restoration  Construction
4022 North Dakota  Survey Crew Chief  Construction
5132 North Dakota  Systems Engineer  I.T.
5136 Ohio  Aerial Lineman  Construction
4120 Ohio  Die Setter - Plastic Injection Molding  Manufacturing
3449 Ohio  Estimator - Commercial Construction  Construction
5029 Ohio  Injection Molding Process Technician  Manufacturing
4026 Ohio  Maintenance Technician  Manufacturing
5109 Ohio  Regional Sales Manager – Turbomachinery  Manufacturing
3537 Ohio  Revit Specialist - Commercial Design  Construction
4241 Ohio  Shift Supervisor – Plastic Injection Molding  Manufacturing
5050 Oklahoma  Civil Site Design Engineer  Engineering
4176 Oklahoma  Fire Protection Design Engineer  Engineering
4319 Oklahoma  Machinist  Manufacturing
4141 Oklahoma  Senior Software Developer  I.T.
4137 Oregon  Certified Grader - Lumber  Construction
3674 Oregon  Certified Surgical Tech  Healthcare
4103 Oregon  Oversized Load Driver  Construction
4029 Pennsylvania  Aluminum Product Manager  Sales and Marketing
3986 Pennsylvania  CFO - Manufacturing  Manufacturing
4308 Pennsylvania  Elevator Technician  Construction
5129 Pennsylvania  Estimator – Electrical Contracting  Construction
5003 Pennsylvania  HVAC Install Technician  Construction
5002 Pennsylvania  HVAC Service Technician  Construction
4285 Pennsylvania  Manager Information Systems  I.T.
5130 Pennsylvania  Procurement Specialist  Manufacturing
5131 Pennsylvania  Programmer  Manufacturing
5128 Pennsylvania  Project Associate – Electrical Contracting  Construction
4028 Pennsylvania  Sales Manager  Sales and Marketing
5133 Pennsylvania  Sr. Mechanical Engineer  Construction
5016 Pennsylvania  Technical Account Executive – Tool Steel  Manufacturing
4030 Pennsylvania  Technical Account Executive  Sales and Marketing
4267 Pensylvania Chief Quality Control – Federal Construction  Construction
4070 Rhode Island  Pressman  Manufacturing
4048 South Carolina  Machinist - 2nd or 3rd Shift  Manufacturing
2784 South Carolina  System Level Software Engineer - Driver Development  I.T.
3741 Tennessee  Estimator - HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication  Construction
4316 Tennessee  Fire Alarm Service Technician  Construction
5049 Tennessee  Lead Cabling Technician  Construction
3804 Tennessee  Sheet Metal Mechanic - Duct Work  Manufacturing
5039 Texas  Business Development Manager  Sales and Marketing
5107 Texas  Financial Analyst  Accounting
5155 Texas  Oracle Cloud Manufacturing Consultant  I.T.
4235 Texas  Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Consultant  I.T.
3958 Texas  Plant Manager - Manufacturing  Manufacturing
4024 Texas  Project Manager - Commercial Concrete Construction  Construction
5023 Texas  Survey Crew Chief  Construction
4310 Vermont  Electro-Mechanical Technician  Manufacturing
2869 Vermont  Machine Operator / Process Technician - Silicones  Manufacturing
3671 Vermont  Physical Therapist  Healthcare
3376 Vermont  Physician  Healthcare
2534 Vermont  Process Technician - Medical Molding  Manufacturing
5141 Vermont  Senior Program Manager – Turbomachinery  Manufacturing
5070 Vermont  Territory Sales Manager – Turbomachinery  Manufacturing
4332 Vermont  Test Engineer – Turbomachinery  Manufacturing
3593 Virginia  Assistant Electrical Project Manager  Construction
5040 Virginia  Business Development Manager  Sales and Marketing
5048 Virginia  Crew Chief – Subsurface Utility Locating  Construction
3260 Virginia  Electrical Estimator - Commercial  Construction
3856 Virginia  Electrical Project Manager - Commercial  Construction
3644 Virginia  Estimator - CNC - Sheet Metal  Manufacturing
5020 Virginia  Industrial Hygiene Team Leader  Construction
5122 Virginia  Licensed Surveyor  Construction
3985 Virginia  Petroleum Construction Foreman  Construction
3645 Virginia  Production Supervisor - Sheet Metal Fabrication  Manufacturing
5152 Virginia  Project Manager / Design Assistant  Construction
5057 Washington  Auditor – Public Accounting  Accounting
5080 Washington  Dermatologist / Mohs Surgeon  Healthcare
2518 Washington  Dermatologist  Healthcare
3967 Washington  Nurse Practitioner  Healthcare
3075 Washington  Physician  Healthcare
5090 Wisconsin  CARC Team Production Tech  Manufacturing
4238 Wisconsin  Dispersion Operator – Coatings  Manufacturing
5158 Wisconsin  General Manager – Lumber Kiln Division  Agriculture
4331 Wisconsin  Lumber Yard Supervisor  Manufacturing
4213 Wisconsin  Maintenance Mechanic 3rd Shift  Manufacturing
4207 Wisconsin  Powder Associate – 3rd Shift  Manufacturing
3117 Wisconsin  Project Architect - Healthcare  Engineering
4119 Wisconsin  Retail Merchandiser  Accounts
4080 Wisconsin  Salesperson - Point of Purchase Displays  Sales and Marketing
5089 Wisconsin  Service Technician  Technician
5149 Wyoming  Survey Crew Chief  Construction

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I'm looking for experienced sales people, business developers, digital marketers, social media experts, and recruiters who have sold, marketed, or promoted cable TV, VoIP home phone, wireless phone and internet connection services.  The successful person works through social relationships of users under a scheme in which they can start their independent business and become official distributors (Brand Leaders). 

The platform allows you to do business in 26 countries.  I'm looking for Brand leaders in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia

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